Friday, August 2, 2013

¡Viva Team Hoffmanderson!

"A cure is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it fall" -- I'm sure Che Guevara would have agreed with the sentiment.

This December will mark my twentieth diaversary: twenty years since my diagnosis, twenty years of waiting for that cure to fall. But I'm not just sitting around twiddling my thumbs, people. I advocate, I write, I'm open about my disease in order to teach others, and, most important to me, over the years I have raised funds for the JDRF.

To date, Team Hoffmanderson - in its many incarnations - has raised more than $45,000 for the JDRF's mission to cure Type 1 diabetes. This is an astounding sum, and we've been able to do it because of friends, family, and wonderful people I've met through this blog and the DOC. I hope you'll support us again this year, in sneakers or in spirit.

We'll be a part of the JDRF New York Chapter's Walk to Cure Diabetes on Sunday, September 29th - join us! The Manhattan Walk goes from Foley Square, over the Brooklyn Bridge, and back again. I will be doing this walk while 34 weeks pregnant with Team Hoffmanderson's newest member, which just goes to show how much I'm NOT messing around about wanting new walkers to join our crew.

Walk with us! (Seriously. Walk. With. Us.) Donate! Use your company match! Anything to help us make that cure fall.

Team Hoffmanderson's page:

Holler if you have questions, and thanks for your support. We couldn't do it without you.

Karen and Team Hoffmanderson

Team Hoffmanderson 2012


  1. Love it although it lacks Ben's overly competitive "We will beat you" vibe. xoxo - The Competition

  2. Aww I just did a post on my walk the other day-I'm doing the Richmond walk in September. I am so impressed with how much your team has raised over the years-great job! You are an inspiration to others! I also have my 20th diaversary in December-are you doing anything to "celebrate"? I'm contemplating doing something fun for it :)

    1. Kelley, I think I'm going to buy myself an absurdly expensive cake to celebrate my 20th. My husband and I didn't get a traditional cake for our wedding reception (which was a cocktail party the day after our Bklyn Bridge guerrilla ceremony), and I think this is would be a good occasion for a faaaaancy cake. :)