Thursday, August 1, 2013

T1 in the neighborhood

I belong to a local parenting listserv here in Brooklyn. I feel a little ridiculous about how excited I was by the post that just popped up in my inbox:

I was wondering if there are any parents of kids with Type 1 diabetes in the neighborhood or parents with Type 1 who would be interested in having a periodic get together.

We are two mothers of young boys (3 years old) with Type 1 and were hoping to start some regular meetings if there is interest. 

Please pass on to anyone who might be interested. 

Why yes, yes I WOULD be interested in meeting up. Your kids are 3? Mine's just 2 and, as she's not T1, I'll be repping for the both of us. Type 1 diabetes, family-style.

Also: if you live in Brooklyn, have a kid, and wanna join up, let me know!