Monday, March 25, 2013

Previous NPBDR not visualized.

Which is to say, I saw my ophthalmologist this morning. After being thoroughly scolded for not seeing him in June 2012 as requested, he conducted the dreaded dilated exam.

Now, for a number of years, I've had spots in my eyes. Small ones, ranging from 1-2 spots in each eye. The number varies, but they're always there. Until today. "Previous non-proliferative background diabetic retinopathy not visualized" - though they're still there, they weren't able to be observed today.

This calls for a cupcake celebration.

Friday, March 22, 2013

That's quite an algorithm you've got there, Dex

My new receiver arrived yesterday and, since the G4 has the transmitter number available on its settings screen, I just fired it up. The tracking between the two receivers is something to behold:

Twinsies! Except for the busted face up top, of course...
A big huzzah for technology!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Falling to pieces


This morning, as is my routine, I got out of bed and brought all my tech with me. I stacked my Dex on my phone on the kitchen counter next to my meter (this is, of course, the only way I remember everything on my way out the door). I did a test, shower-bolused, calibrated, and went to take a shower.

Once I was ready to leave for work, I grabbed my stack of things to pop in my purse...and something hit the floor. I  paused, trying to figure out what the black circle could possibly be. Well, friends, it was part of Dex's face:

He looks distressed about his tech-leprosy, doesn't he?

It took me an appalling amount of time to even realize it was part of Dex - I kept looking around, trying to figure out what I'd knocked off the counter. I mean, the Seven+ was a tough son-of-a-gun - that receiver took some MAJOR abuse and managed to stay in one piece. The idea that a piece actually fell off my receiver was just completely out of the realm of possibility.

I called Dexcom, said I was unable to pop it back into place. (The rep seemed a little worried about that: "Oh, well, um, we don't generally want you to try to fix it yourself!") I'm getting a new receiver tomorrow. Which is great, but still. A piece fell off! These systems are not cheap, and I was surprised it's not a little more durable - it lasted not even five months. And I'm not the only one running into problems - I noticed this morning that Chris is having issues with his USB cover. (note: "build quality" - that is what I'm complaining about here. Thanks for the techie vocab, C!)

Is this just a coincidence or are a lot of people - besides me and Chris - having problems like this?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Putting my shoulder to the boulder again

Rumor has it that I have a blog, though one wouldn't think so from the frequency of the posts. (Thanksgiving?! I swear I didn't die of pumpkin pie, you diabeetus naysayers. I can eat what I want!)

But it's been a doozy of a time. We moved in January - no small feat with an 18-month-old running around, let alone one who has a healthy dislike of tape-gun sounds. After weeks and weeks of tortured hunting in the worst housing market I've ever seen in my 12 years in New York, we finally settled for a six-month lease in our favorite neighborhood...but in a fourth-floor walkup, and apparently in a building managed by a-holes and filled to the brim with jerkbag neighbors who bang on the wall in the middle of the night because a baby cries. (Simmer down, d-bags. You're not helping.) How much you guys want to bet we're moving again before the summer's over?

Then B went to the Super Bowl for work, which meant I was Solo Parenting in Box Tower City. Naturally, to increase the fun factor, both L and I came down with the plague and I had a jillion mind-meltingly aggravating catastrophes trying to get out landline hooked up. And did I mention it's a 400sq-foot fourth-floor walkup? Work's been crazy, no one is sleeping, the cats keep barfing, blah blah blah. Essentially, I've been busy and unable to sit down for 20 minutes to figure out what I can write that wasn't simply the boring, mundane minutiae of my day-to-day.

And tonight, as I guiltily thought of my poor, neglected space on the interwebs, I realized I write predominantly about diabetes. What is diabetes but boring, mundane minutiae? The zillionth finger stick for the trillionth bolus for the quamillionith counted carb, over and over and over every single day until I want to weep with boredom. I mean, c'mon. At least Sisyphus earned his eternal punishment! We PWDs got stuck with it through bad luck.

So consider me back on the ol' blog. I'll write about my boulder and my hill, and I'll read about yours, and we'll all commiserate and flip them the bird together.