Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Storming the bridge

I just sent my annual JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes email to my friends and family, asking them to support Team Hoffmanderson with sneakers or donations. But there's a big, fat hole in that list - all the people I interact with online on a daily basis. I have connections here, on Facebook, and on Twitter that are just as important to me as those that exist in "real" life. What would I do without those people? Without the DOC?

So I'm putting a (very slightly) modified version of that email below because you should be included, too. Join us, won't you?

*     *     *

Hello all,

In a little more than a month, Team Hoffmanderson will once more take to the Brooklyn Bridge for the JDRF's Walk to Cure Diabetes. This will be my eleventh trek to raise money for the Walk, and I've done it year after year because it's important.

It's important because little girls worry if they'll still be pretty while wearing glasses and an insulin pump*: http://bit.ly/QPZlJ2 (check out 2:19!)

It's important because some moms have to wonder if they can still bake cookies with their kids: http://bit.ly/POYlGL

It's important because people still get a lot of their information about my disease from movies - http://bit.ly/Pq6wxg - but it's often incorrect.** That it IS incorrect is due to advances in research and treatment that make these sorts of things possible for people like me: http://bit.ly/NvCNmz

AND, holy hell, it's important because people STILL have a hard time pronouncing diabetes correctly***: http://bit.ly/RWfBPV

We're raising money for the JDRF to help diabetics like me and the others in the video above, to help kids like L who want healthy parents to watch them grow up, and to help all the thousands of people who've yet to be diagnosed. Like I said, it's important. So Team Hoffmanderson needs your support.

  1. A donation can be made here: http://bit.ly/Out7H8 Any amount will put us closer to our goal! PLEASE check to see if your company matches donations. I know my employer does, and that's doubling your generosity with very little effort! (See below for details.)
  2. Support us with your feet - join our team and walk with us on September 30th! Register here: http://bit.ly/Out7H8 
  3. If you already got this plea from B, apologies - I just wanted to personally invite you to do the Walk with us! 
  4. If you've already donated or registered, THANK YOU. Still, please click the links above. You should be reminded that you're a part of something vital. 
Thanks as always for your time and your generosity. (And really, if you do nothing else, click that first link - it'll give you hope for humanity.)

xoxo Karen and Team Hoffmanderson

TO MATCH YOUR GIFT: Please note that your donation should be credited toward me or Team Hoffmanderson and send your forms to:
JDRF - NYC Chapter
Attn: Walk Department
432 Park Avenue South, 15th floor
New York, NY 10016

* Spoiler alert: they are.
** Also because of bad acting.
*** Tip: It is NOT diabeetus.

Biohazard flower FTW!

Well, "walking" - she was in a stroller.

Team Hoffmanderson 2011


  1. HOLY HELL, I am associated with three of your linky links. GO DONATE PEOPLE!!!

    1. I. Love. Your. Project. I'm going to make ALL THE PEOPLE know about it, whether they want to or not. It's the best way to make non-D people see what our life is actually like as PWDs and parents of CWDs. It's the closest the normals will ever come to "getting it" without actually having the D in their lives.

      GO HERE, people: http://youcandothisproject.com/