Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Epic D frustration

Nothing is behaving as it should. Salad Dex graphs look like I gorged on French fries or pizza. I raise my basals and still end up hovering way higher than I should, and these damned numbers are completely unbudging. I know I've stopped nursing, and I was expecting some hormonal and diabetes changes because of it. But this? This is unfathomable.

This evening, I pre-bolused 7.6u for dinner (popcorn!) at 7:03 pm - a dose that included a correction for my blood sugar, which was 158 at the time. I had not eaten anything except for roasted almonds for lunch, and some string cheese sticks during the afternoon while I played with L. I was waiting for my 40 minutes (20 pre-bolus, plus an extra 20 to see if I could drop my BG to a sweet spot before eating) when I got a phone call. It went on for nearly an hour and a half. Understandably, I was worried - I'd pre-bolused and wasn't eating! I was going to crash! But I figured I could nosh an apple and just change my food plans if I needed to.

Well. I got off the phone call and checked to see where I was. I expected a 60 to peek out at me...and I got a 119. Dex was flatlined at 126. An hour and 40 minutes had passed. My pump said I had less than 3 units active. Where the hell did those other 4.5 units go?!

I've never experienced anything like this before. Even pregnancy progressed in a more predictable pattern.

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