Sunday, July 22, 2012

One year

A year ago today, my little girl was born. Months and months of waiting and worrying and she had finally arrived. And now a whole year has passed. A year! I was pregnant for 437 long, dragging years (blech), but the past 365 days have gone by in a blink.

Having her in our lives has been everything I'd thought it would be, but to the jillionth degree. So much fun! So many different adventures! So much adorable babyness! I'm so in love with my little elfin girl that I don't even care about the sleep deprivation. (Hoo boy, is there sleep deprivation.) Watching her grow and learn and change, seeing her personality develop, knowing that there's still so much to come - this is a wild ride, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Happy birthday, my little pixie. I'm glad you're mine.

I'm one today!


  1. Happy Birthday L!

    I think your mom needs to update her profile now, I don't think you're "brand new" anymore! :)

  2. HAAAPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!!! :-) (One day late, I know. Sorry!!)

  3. So amazing!! Happy bday little L- love the pics- especially the family shot with the cake! Xo

  4. happy birthday little one! all the cool kids are born at the end of july! mine might be this weekend. ahem.