Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Is "rage basaling" a thing?

If it isn't, it should be - I think I just did it.

L hit a year of age last weekend and, for me, that means I'm finally done with breastfeeding. (Well, the last few months has been more exclusive pumping, but at the end of the day my body is none the wiser). My goal was a full year of breastmilk for her, and I achieved that.

I have mixed feelings about it, of course - it's been a HUGE commitment. It was a lot of time and mental energy, not to stress. I'm glad I did it, but I'm also rather glad it's done. (Even though I'm also a little sad. It's complicated!) But. Last month, when I saw my endo, she told me to be ready for some major changes once I stopped breastfeeding - the hormones that keep that whole system going are known for lowering blood sugar levels.

Well, I'd never been one of those ladies who went low every time she nursed. I never needed a snack when I sat down with the pump. On the whole, my blood sugars were pretty stable and my basal levels were actually a little higher than they were pre-pregnancy. I figured "Oh, maybe I'm not sensitive" since I wasn't struggling with lows, so perhaps I'm just not having that issue - I wasn't really worry about any sort of jump.

Holy crap was I wrong.

I've been weaning for nearly two weeks, and I think the full effects can finally be seen. I haven't been below 120 in days, and I think 120 is my new 60. My post-commute bump - usually a nice 115-125 - is up to 201 today. My salad dinner last night had me orbiting around 300 and fighting to get it down to a mere 160 by 4 hours later. I bolus and bolus and bolus and nothing budges.

I looked for a pattern, a time of day where I'm higher, and all I could see was an all-around hyperglycemia. Solution? Rage basaling. I just upped every single basal rate I have on my pump. Not by a ton, but enough (I hope!) to bring things down to a point where I can see some actual steps to take to fix this new post-breastfeeding reality.

YDMV, indeed.

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  1. Good luck! I've surely rage-basaled before, though never called it that.

    I totally get the feelings about no longer nursing. A relief - but very emotional too.