Wednesday, June 13, 2012

OneTouch is still a courtin'

Not content with sending mailers about how awesome OneTouch is for pumpers, it has now stepped up its game. A couple days ago, I got an email detailing their "By invite only - an exclusive offer from OneTouch": Passport for Pumpers is an exclusive new program from OneTouch designed to reward all pumpers.

And by "reward," they mean $5 copays on test strips for 6 months:

I find this fascinating. In my 18 years with diabetes, I've never felt so heavily marketed to! I swear, if it's not because of the Medtronic/Bayer development, it has to be the proliferation of new diabetes gear like the iBGStar. The Big Boys of diabetes equipment must be shakin' in their boots at the thought of losing their cash cows to a competitor.


  1. If One Touch were serious about chasing down pumpers, they should try addressing their own J&J sister company Animas 1st. In trying to consider an Animas pump to replace my current MM pump, no one from J&J would call me back.

    Their hesitation doesn't help them. I was asking to be a target for their Ping/One Touch combo. The size of that link meter is the other downfall.

  2. Well my copay on OneTouch is $0, so can they just give me $5?

    Still waiting for iBGStar to be covered at all!