Saturday, June 9, 2012

From Very Low to Verio?

When I was canvassing Twitter for opinions on the Verio, Stacey mentioned DME:

Duh. I'm embarrassed to admit I'd completely forgotten about the magic of DME (durable medical equipment) coverage. It had been so long since I'd needed to wave that wand that it hadn't even dawned on me to try it.

I finally called Edgepark yesterday to see if the meter and its strips would be covered - true to its label of "magic," they were. I should be getting the meter and strips on July 3rd, when my next 3-month shipment of BG supplies is scheduled.

Not a moment too soon, in my opinion. This meter weirdness is getting rigoddamndiculous:

Can you read that?? "LOW GLUCOSE BELOW 20mg/dl"

But I didn't feel that awful, so I retested. 23?! But! But!

Third time's the charm. I felt 63. Not "LOW." Not "23."

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