Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I've been thinking about switching meters and, thanks to a heads up from Stacey, ended up with a neat little coupon for $30 off a One Touch Verio IQ.

But before I committed - and it's a BIG commitment to get a new meter and strips, since I'm forced to do three-month supply orders - I wanted to see if people were still loving the meter after their initial tryouts. Naturally, this meant I hit up the DOC for opinions:

I wanted to know if anyone had success or trouble with insurance for strips and whether they liked the pattern feature or not. There wasn't a lot of input on the patterns, but there was some good intel from the troops:

Clearly a lot of positive things to be said about the Verio and, in my experience, it's unusual for anyone to have a good thing to say about their meter. But there was one more step to take before I could think about buying a Verio. Does my DME supplier carry them? (oh, how beholden we are to insurance!!)

I use Edgepark, and went to their site to check it out.

Score! They have them. But not only do they have them, they have control solution for two different ranges?! Verio, my oh my are you fancy.

If you have the Verio and love or hate it, let me know!


  1. I love, love the title of this post. I hope you love the meter!

  2. So glad you posted this! I have a doc's appt on Friday, and was hoping to make the switch once she writes me a scrip for the strips. Thanks for doing the vetting process for me! :)

  3. Twitter provides real-time Amazon reviews. :) Love it.

  4. Yes, THANK YOU! I have a Dr. appt. tomorrow and am wanting to switch as well. Looks like we're all in agreement! :-) ~Tammy

  5. I was using the Bayer USB meter and really like the functions and software, but my blood glucose readings were kinda sketch on it (I'm being polite)... so I switched to the Verio.

    Here's what I don't like: I really miss being able to tag readings with notes; the desktop software with the Verio looks/functions like poo; the battery life is crap.

    Here's what I do like: I trust the readings; the pattern alerts have actually been helpful (and they are so polite!)

    All in all, though, I'd rather an accurate meter than a fancy one, but it would be nice if they could finally mesh the two.

  6. Oddly enough I have a verio review I've been meaning to put up for months and it's all written and shit.
    I dislike it ... BIG TIME. but it seems everybody else loves it. hmm... one touch hates me.

    1. ooooh. I'd love to hear why you hate it!

  7. I've been using it for about a month now. No pattern alert yet, but I don't think it is because it is missing one, I think it is because there hasn't been one to catch yet.

    I use it in addition to my Ping depending on the situation and what I am wearing (if I need to remote bolus). I had some "leftover" regular OneTouch strips. The Verio strips are different so be aware of that.

    I have only had to charge it once, so for me the battery life was about two weeks. Not too bad for a door screen and a giant light on the top of the meter.

  8. Once again, I'm an oddball in the group. I have to side with Scully. I do like the big screen of it and the light, but that's about it. Maybe I got a dud, but the first one I had errored and had to be replaced after the third test. This one is just off the wall weird. Gave me a high when I was low a couple of times, and my battery only lasts 3 or 4 days. It seems that the ones who do like theirs have a good unit. Mine just isn't. :-(