Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh, my rage. It knows no bounds.

I get a message from B this morning - my endo's office called to say I needed to reschedule my May 23rd appointment. This is upsetting, since I've timed my previous batch of bloodwork to that May 23rd appointment, since I'd made that appointment two months ago, and since B and I have to juggle our oh-so-carefully planned childcare arrangements for such things.

So I called. And was told I'd be given her next available appointment...on July 23rd. I gritted my teeth to keep from completely losing it, and had the following stellar exchange:

me: Wait, what? Two months? I have to wait another two months? How exactly did this happen?

lady: Well, you see the doctor, not her fellow, right?

me: Yes. I see my doctor.

(And I should get an Oscar for acting so calm at THAT question.)

lady: I scheduled you for her fellow. I need to give you an appointment with the doctor.

me: So let me get this straight. I called for an appointment TWO MONTHS AGO for an appointment with my doctor, I was scheduled to see her fellow instead, and now I have to wait TWO MORE MONTHS to see her?

lady: Yes. But I could add you to her waiting list!

me: That sucks.

It's bad enough that we have to wait so long for appointments with specialists. Hell, it's bad enough that we all even NEED specialists. But this? This is a pile of bullcrap. I was being responsible. I was trying to get a firmer grip on the reins, to get everything buttoned up and back on track. And now I'm getting penalized for some stupid mistake by their office staff. It's like the cosmos is trying to flip me the bird.

Plus it's cold and raining out. Screw you, Wednesday.


  1. i'm flipping the cosmos a bird on your behalf.

  2. Damn you specialists and receptionists and two month wait lists!! WTF!!!

  3. As a PWD who also does this for a living... shame on you. Mistakes happen in life and at least this lady owned up to her mistake. I'm very disappointed in your tantrum and am going to stop reading your blog. Put yourself in her shoes and try to realize it took a lot of courage for her to call you and reschedule that appointment, knowing it would be a long time out and you'd be upset. I also see a specialist but realize that having an appointment another 2 months out is not going to make me die. Go to your CDE or family doctor. It won't kill you.

    1. I can see where you would say "shame on me" - perhaps I wasn't clear. Everyone makes stupid mistakes. I've made countless, and certainly know what it's like to have to own up to them. It's not fun.

      My rage was not at the office staff member for making the mistake. My rage was at the fact that it feels like there's always some other hurdle to have to jump in order to take care of myself. I was angry that I was making an effort, and was rewarded by having to make even MORE of an effort. I was, in fact, polite to the woman who called (or I tried as hard as I could to keep a lid on my temper and be as polite as I could when this change in plans came out of the blue).

      If I have any critique of the woman who made the error, it is that she acted as though it was no big deal to push an appointment back an entire two months - almost the entire span of time that is supposed to go between A1c appointments. Had she started her call with "There's been an error and I need to push your appointment back, but will put you on the waiting list today" I wouldn't have had any complaint with her at all.

      And, for the record, while seeing my GP or CDE won't kill me, you don't know my situation. My CDE is at the same facility and would have a similar wait for a new appointment, and my GP ran my last set of tests and told me to see my endo for the next ones. Also, you don't know my schedule - I have to take time off of work to secure these appointments. Perhaps you should try putting yourself in MY shoes.