Sunday, April 1, 2012

Of all the wonderful birthday wishes I've had...

this one has GOT to be the most hilarious:

The Squirrel Board? Yes, the Squirrel Board. Years ago, we had a little squirrel crawling on the bars of our garden-floor apartment window - I tried to shoo it away, and to my horror the little thing freaked out, fell, and bashed its little nose. I felt awful and was afraid it was going to die, so I hit Google for information. The Squirrel Board popped up, and a whole slew of friendly squirrel-lovers manning a message board helped me get the little guy protected and warm so it didn't die overnight. (I'm not kidding - I was using a heating pad and a shoebox, and I did it all while being safe and not touching any wounded animals.)

I unsubscribed from the board after the incident, but every year I still get a birthday message from them. It makes me happy to think of all those squirrely folks out there doing what they love, sharing this totally niche thing. A little like the DOC, right?

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