Thursday, April 5, 2012


Last Sunday, I changed out my Dexcom sensor as I always do. I grabbed the box, yanked out the package...and saw it was the only one in the box. I usually order my supplies two or three weeks before I'm completely out so that I don't have any lag time between sensors. I was surprised to see how far it had gone, but figured "Hey! I've got a week before my sensor expires. No sweat."

Except when I called for reorder on Monday, the very nice customer service rep Hmmmed. 

Me: "Hmm? Why 'Hmm'? Is something wrong?"

Rep: "It appears as though your prescription expired last month."

Instant dread. I'd have to call my endo - there was no way I'd going to get a shipment in time for Sunday. Which meant I'd have to insert the damn thing solo as soon as I received it, instead of having a helping hand from B on his day off. Which meant I'd be stuck with sensors in spots that were accessible for a one-handed insertion, instead of out-of-sight-out-of-mind on my lower back where I like them. Ugh ugh ugh. D karma for not paying closer attention to my supply situation.

Rep: "Oh, wait. It looks like there's a renewal here - it just got put in the wrong place. You get a 3-month supply, right? We'll have those out to you today!"

I don't know who to thank - Dexcom or my endo - but MAN am I glad they were more on the ball than I was.

Glorious supplies!

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