Monday, April 2, 2012

By the Numbers: Report #4

7-day - 136
14-day - 151
30-day - 141
TDD - 37.28

Well, it seems as though I've settled into a gradual drift down in the numbers department. The shock-and-awe drops are always better somehow, though. Watching the radical shift in what you're doing is a more hardcore payoff for all the mental work involved in diabetes management, right? I think the gradual drift is more sustainable, though. Baby steps, Bob.

I'm still sucking hard at the logging, though. I've resorted to deputizing B as my heavy (sorry, dude). It can help to have someone around to say "Hey! Logging!" So I will try tonight, again, to get on that gravy train.

In other news, despite a blood draw on March 16th, I still haven't received my A1c results from my GP. After two calls to his office, I finally lied to the nice medical records lady and told her I wanted to bring my labs to my (fictitious) endo appointment this week - she's mailing them out today. Devious, I am. Not that I should have to be. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

Wishing everyone a week of smooth sailing!

*   *   *

Past reports:

March 12 start:
7-day - 158
14-day - 151
30-day - 156
TDD - 40.86

March 26, report 3:
7-day - 165
14-day - 136
30-day - 144
TDD - 35.25

March 19, report 2:
7-day - 113
14-day - 132
30-day - 140
TDD - 37.10

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