Wednesday, April 4, 2012

By the Numbers: The A1c


Six. Point. Five. I don't know how it's possible. The 156 30-day average I started with should have kicked me up to 7.1 at the very least - and even though the A1c measures for a longer stretch, I still don't understand how it's as low as it is.

Maybe it's The Dexcom Paradox? I know for a fact that when I'm coasting with a perfect BG graph, feel fine, and don't see any dramatic dips and mountains...well, I just don't test. I know that even if Dex is 20 points off, I'm still in range, and I have other things I'd rather be doing than stabbing myself. But when I'm high? I'm a serial tester. I bolus and then watch that BG, willing the insulin to work faster so I can feel better. And I test over and over again, in hopes of catching that moment when my Minimed's bolus calculator does the math and says "Hey! You actually don't have enough on board to cover this crazy-ass blood sugar. Dial up .2, please!" Perhaps that repeated testing while high - and not testing when Dex says I'm aces - is giving an inflated average on my meter?

It's diabetes. I'm sure I'll never actually know why - too many factors to consider, too unpredictable a disease. So even though I feel undeserving - I didn't do anywhere near the work required to get that kind of A1c - I'm delighted, and I'll take it.

The March to the Endo is looking a lot less bleak now.


  1. Congrats! Such a nice surprise! There's nothing worse than being surprised by a crap A1c.

  2. Congrats on the A1c!! Nice number:) that 6.5 has been my steady number for over a year now and with all my crazy numbers, I sometimes think the people at the lab are like "yea, she looks like a 6.5, don't even bother testing that vial of blood..." LOL! You may be onto something with the average on your meter being off due to not testing when you're in range testing like mad when you're high, makes sense. I wouldn't question it too much, tho:) Enjoy that number!!