Friday, March 23, 2012

You down with O.P.E.?*

I forgot my meter at home. No, not like "my dog ate my homework." I actually left the darned thing on the kitchen counter, and my work meter was out of strips - excellent planning, no? So B offered to schlep into Manhattan with the goods, but that's a loooong haul and I had my Dexcom. I decided to wing it.

Well, winging it is all very well and good unless you have one of those weirdly sticky BGs in the 200s that just will. not. budge. Which, of course, I had. I was loathe to just keep tapping in insulin (anyone else do that? The little .5 bolus button on my pump is a hard thing to resist and always gets me in trouble) but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?

Wrong. Because I remembered my company actually has a nurse on staff. And nurses have things like meters! I headed down to her office and, not only did she have a meter, she had a meter I used aaaages ago. Blast from the past!

45 seconds is a LOT longer than I remember it.

Amusingly, I was A Good Diabetic while I "performed" for the nurse. I washed my hands, alcohol-swabbed my fingertip, and didn't lick the blood off after I stuck myself. If she only knew what my usual BG process looked like, I'm sure she'd have a heart attack.

* (And by O.P.E., I mean "Other People's Equipment"....)

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  1. Whoa timing! I forgot my meter today too! and that's not something I often do (probably the 2nd time in the last 2 years). And I was super duper wishing there was some meter I could use - I almost went to the health center (but I know they don't have one) or texted my diabetic friend (who I know wasn't actually nearby but was wishful thinking). Alas, I had to go through the day without. And stop at home instead of going straight to a friend's housewarming, so I was super late. I came in for a pretty impressive landing though - after 7 hours of no testing & commuting 4.5 miles each way - 98. Maybe I should forget my meter more often heh, that's better than I usually end up.