Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eight. Months. Old.

How has that much time already passed? You're still a teeny-tiny little pixie - you fit into 3m onesies, your  baby friends all outweigh you,  and I can still toss you around (oh, the giggles! they kill me) with ease. But you're oh so far from three months old. You're sitting up in your highchair. You want to grab EVERYTHING around you. You've figured out nodding yes, and do it all. the. time. YES, change my diaper. YES, the cat walked by. YES, buttons on shirts are the best.

Every day is something new, and your joy in it - your face-melting, brain-squishing intense JOY - shatters my insides to smithereens and then puts it all back together again.

Love you sosososo much, baby girl. Your mama is a lucky lady.

happiest. baby. ever.


  1. I had no idea you had a blog...until I read Kerri's blog (SUM) this morning. I have been reading her's for a little over a year now. What a great picture...such a cutie!


  2. That is one cute little pixie. And happy!!!