Sunday, March 25, 2012


One big change diabetes has wrought in my life - you know, aside from the background retinopathy, the little dotty pump scars on my belly, and a crazy ability to guess carb counts - is a totally skewed perception about what is acceptable disease management behavior.

In high school, I lied about blood sugars to get out of gym class. I've opened candies in theaters well after the "Please unwrap your lozenges now" warning. I lick blood from my fingers with nary a thought about how incredibly creepy that must seem to an outside observer. 

But today? Today, B and I inserted a new Dexcom sensor on my back while we were waiting on the R train platform.

I whipped up my coat and my shirt for all the world to see


  1. I'm here to admit I chugged one in last Monday in a parking garage while looking at colleges with my son! I was between the wall and the back of my car and I even put it in my butt! OMG!!

  2. I've tested my BG on a crowded #3 train and then asked myself "now how to I grab on to this pole without freaking everyone else out!".... but your story certainly trumps mine!