Tuesday, March 13, 2012

D Confession: By the numbers

I have fallen off my D wagon. Big time. Hear me, friends, for I have sinned.

•  My last A1C was in July, before L was born. (Handily, I now always know precisely how long it has been.) It was 6.1. I guarantee it is nowhere near that today.
•  I have not logged a single anything since June, nor have I seen a medical professional other than my OB or ophthalmologist.
•  Since January 18th, my BG averages have leapt from 88/96/127 (7-, 14-, and 30-days respectively) to 158/151/156.
•  In that same time frame, my TDD jumped from 28.43 to 40.86.
•  All the bigger numbers had a trickle-down effect - I also gained 10 lbs. And my basal totals went up a full unit.

Where does that leave us?

As ever, thanks Kevin!

Well, back to logging of course. And crunching numbers. And downloading my Dexcom data. And truly carb counting instead of SWAGing. And getting an A1C drawn (appointment Friday!). And saying no to french fries/my Kryptonite and other MEFs. And just getting back on that stupid diabetes horse again, even if it means dragging myself while kicking and screaming.

After two years of iron-fisted control to have a kiddo, I needed a break. But it's over now.


  1. Is it horrible that I thought "July isn't that bad?" Um yeah.

  2. I keep wondering if I'm going to keep up my super-crazy pregnant diabetes control out of habit, or if I'll totally fly off the handle when this baby comes out.

    Seriously, though, I bet your A1C isn't anywhere near as bad as you think it is. Good luck tomorrow!

    1. I'd wondered the same thing - but I'd never had a kid. Between the feeding, crying, playing and everything else, I was so busy (or sleep-deprived) that all the D stuff went out the window. I did all my boluses and did BG checks before meals, but I relied *heavily* on the Dexcom between those things. Plus, I'd been working on everything for a solid year before I even got pregnant. Nearly 2 years is a loooooong time to keep yourself in pregnancy range.

      Now? Well, now it's mainly I'm just lazy and tired. :)