Monday, March 26, 2012

By the numbers: Report #3

Yeah. This got ugly really quick:

7-day - 165
14-day - 136
30-day - 144
TDD - 35.25

A big part of that leap up was the missing logging - I've only managed to jot down three days (just three!) in the past two weeks, all of which were right when I started. Of course. We're always at our best when we start something new, aren't we? All pumped up and full of "I can do it!!" enthusiasm. Well, my enthusiasm was eaten by the D-blahs pretty damned quickly. Still, I plan to log tonight come hell or high water.

And wait. Positivity! My TDD came down a little more, which means I've been trying to wrangle down the number of carbs I'm eating and it's (kind of) working. Yay?

I've also started reading Think Like a Pancreas as part of my general D-overhaul, and so far it's been interesting. I'll have a post on that later, but for the moment my biggest takeaway is shame/guilt/stress about the fact that I've never done a basal test. Yeah, you read it right. No basal test. Ever. More than two and a half years without one, in fact. I can't help but wonder how far off the rates are at this point, and how much of that is contributing to erratic blood sugars. But still. UGH. A basal test sounds like the worst thing ever.

*   *   *

Past reports:

March 12 start:
7-day - 158
14-day - 151
30-day - 156
TDD - 40.86

March 19, week 1:
7-day - 113
14-day - 132
30-day - 140
TDD - 37.10


  1. The reason you have never done a basal test is this: BASAL TESTS ARE A BIG PAIN IN THE ASS. I think I've completed two in my entire life. I've tried to do basal tests a whole buncha times, but I always end up crashing or getting convinced to go out to lunch or something.

    Do not feel bad!

  2. I just ordered the book and waiting for it to come in (local stores were out!) Looking forward to reading it.

    Don't feel bad.. this is year TWENTY for me and I've never done a basal test. But I'm gonna.