Saturday, December 31, 2011

The year in review: 2011

I'm not usually all about the memes over here, but I've decided to steal one from Kerri, offering up the first lines of an illustrative post per month from the year. I've never really looked back at BlahBlah this way, but 2011 has been such a monumental year that I want to take a moment to reflect on all the changes - and giant gobs of happiness - as it comes to a close.

January: "I've been seeing a lot of 2010 wrap-ups out there - it's fun to see where everyone's been for the past year, but for yours truly 2010 was a bit of a struggle."

February: "I've been so absent from this blog, and it's because I've been waiting to write this post for oh-so-very-long."

March: "For better or worse, I think Steel Magnolias becomes a part of your life once you're diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes."

April: "Last Tuesday was our second fetal echocardiogram."

May: "Nowadays, when people look at me, tilt their head, and say 'How are you feeeeeeling?' I finally have something to say other than 'chubby.' "

June: "Other than finding out an actual date for BabyH's arrival (eek!) and sobbing to the tunes of MJ, B and I have been super busy."

July: "You came screaming into the world today at 9:57am - a whopping 6lbs 8oz and 20 inches long."

August: "As promised, for those who are interested in the actual birth story, this is how the munchkin joined our family:"

September: "The JDRF Walk is coming up, and I'll be walking again as I always am."

October (Momtime): "So. Um. In other 'recent' momtime news, 11 weeks ago today Team Hoffmanderson did the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes."

November: "Do blue-and-brown stripey owl onesies count for Blue Fridays?"

December: "Oh, Kerri. I've no idea how you did it."

Thanks for everything 2011 - it's been nice knowing you.

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