Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm a sentimental fool.

Earlier this week, I noticed my Minimed had a crack on its face.

See it in the upper right corner of the display?

I had no idea if this was actually a bad thing, soooo...

And, of course, the DOC delivered! Meredith, Kim, Allison, and Jacquie all advised giving Minimed a call for a replacement pump, which turned out to be excellent advice. A crack in the case means it's no longer "waterproof."

I called Minimed, answered some silly questions ("Uhhh...has it ever been dropped? No, sir, not once in the 24/7 I've been wearing the thing since September 2009.* And no, the crack is not a result of a car accident. My last blood sugar was 134." Nosy, nosy!), and within 20 minutes of calling, a new pump was on its way to me.

I had mixed feelings about it, since I tend to become attached to inanimate objects. (See: Luxo Jr. and just TRY not to melt!) And this pump? It was fifteen years in the making. I'd been on MDI since my diagnosis, and was determined to never be on the pump. I didn't want to be tied to something, I didn't want to be reminded of my diabetes 24 hours a day, I was creeped out at the idea of a tube living under my skin, I was unable to use a lancet device and was loath to try something bigger and scarier for set insertion - basically, I had 4,000 reasons to NOT go on the pump and, with A1c ranges below 7, I figured I didn't need to. And then we decided to expand our family and the pump became the only choice. (Yes, only. As far as I'm concerned, NPH is NOT an option!)

After more than two years with this little machine, I've become more than just a little attached. I saw A1cs I haven't seen since high school. I am sporting the hard-won set scars all over my belly. I've had volcanoes of blood gushers. I've cursed it and sang its praises, but, ultimately, I'm intensely grateful I had it - and for the healthy baby girl it helped bring into the world.

So as glad as I was to receive my shiny new pump the very next day, I was terribly sad to see the old one go.

Shiny, new, and completely without memories :(

*Clearly I was crossing my fingers for this. How would ANYONE be able to say they'd never dropped or bumped their pump?

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  1. It's so sparkly! :) Congrats on the new gear, but I totally get the sentimental side of giving up the old one. The old one had stories! "If this pump could talk..."