Friday, December 23, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

You know how you get a favorite dish? The go-to dish, the one you use all the time, the one that always seems to hold the right amount of food? I had one of those.

My husband came with a delightful set of nesting Pyrex storage dishes. Nothing special - just three glass bowls with dark blue tops and wavy sides. Nice enough to drag to someone's house for a potluck, but still a pretty everyday kind of thing. My go-to was the weensy one. Perfect for leftovers, small enough to bring to work. And - because I found it indispensable - of course it fell to the ground, shattered, and broke up my perfect little storage set.

For a while, I tried to hunt down a new one. But it seems as though the "sculptured" set is no longer available, and I can't imagine a solo replacement piece for a cheap-o storage trio would be a priority in the Pyrex world anyway. So imagine my joy when I walked into my favorite local store for kitcheny goodness* and saw this sucker on a shelf:

Hello, you sexy home for leftovers.

It might not be the "Pyrex formal" wavy sided perfection of its predecessor, but I don't care. It's little two-cup self will be a welcome addition to my collection - I'm glad to have the team back together.

* I was buying a lidded jar for brown sugar. Yours truly is going to try going sweetener-free in 2012! More on this later.

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