Friday, December 30, 2011

Dexcom after hours

Middle of the night feeds are no fun. (How could interrupting sound sleep be fun?!) But I usually take the opportunity to check my blood sugar, hit the bathroom, and drink (yet another) glass of water. Truthfully, they've been helpful - I've discovered a surprising number of not-felt lows this way in the past five months!

Last night was no different. L woke up just before 4am, I reached into my pillowcase to grab Dex for a quick idea of where I was. And where I was? "System Recovery Check Complete." Shit.

Thirty minutes later our feed-n-diaper routine was completed. I climbed back into bed, popped the now-functioning Dex back under my pillow, and settled back down to sleep.


I pulled Dex out, and it was back to its initializing screen. Which meant it crashed again and we were headed right back to the System Recovery screen...and probably the Exclamation Point of Death. And that's when I realized I hadn't done a download in a really, really long time. Shit.

So I leapt out of bed - the clock was ticking! I scrambled to the living room, started the laptop, and rushed to get the Dexcom software up and running before the receiver was done with its system check. Once it was done, I plugged in my USB and started the download, willing that bar to move to 100% before Dexcom died for the third (and probably final) time and rendered all of my data inaccessible. Holy stressful, Batman.

C'mon database records!!

VICTORY. I got my download in. But wait. What the hell was this second bar?!

Event log?? WTH is an event log?

Wait, wait. ANOTHER bar?!

There's an error log too??

No matter. Surprise bonus bars be damned - I managed to get my download completed.


Adrenaline pumping, I closed down the laptop with relief and headed back to bed. Popped Dex under my pillow and curled up next to B.


Ah, Exclamation Point of Death. I'd been expecting you.

Well, at least I anticipated it. I got my download in, so I didn't lose all of my data. It still sucks - my data died with that receiver, since Dexcom's software doesn't allow multiple receivers per patient record. (More later on this pet peeve of mine.) But I had my old receiver in my meds box, a leftover from when I reupped with my insurance - an embarrassment of riches, but one I liked to have knowing how unlucky I've been with receivers. So yay! No real lag in CGM.

Or so I thought. This morning I plugged in my receiver, planning on using the old one until my replacement arrived from Dexcom. And then this happened:

You've got to be kidding me.

Yes, folks. The second Exclamation Point of Death in less than 12 hours. I'm officially Dex-cursed.

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  1. I like that the error code is HWRFT. Like the receiver is trying to curse, or grunt.