Saturday, November 5, 2011

De Quervain's - a new frontier

There's nothing I love better than spending my hard-earned moolah on crap for my ailments. As such, I'm ordering some sexy new gear to my already stunning collection (which includes a pump and Dexcom, of course).

See, I've developed this excruciating pain along the tendons of my left thumb. And, as our people are predisposed to tendon issues, I've self-diagnosed de Quervain's. Yeah, yeah. "Self-diagnosed" is a problem for some people. To those people, I say: "I know my body better than you do. So there."

This fun condition is also known as "mommy thumb," since lots of new mothers get it from picking up their kiddos with their thumb extended. (This post from hand surgeon C. Noel Henley offers a great explanation, if you want more info.)

Now, I don't actually think I got it from hoisting my little peanut. TMI moment: I think I actually got it when I went back to work and was doing zillions of hand compressions while pumping breastmilk multiple times a day.

It hurts like nothing I've ever had before, and that's saying a lot - plantar fasciitis pales in comparison, and even my c-section offered a light at the end of the recovery tunnel. This sucker is going to stick around until I can get the swelling under control...and my track record for icing and de-swelling is not exactly stellar.

If you've got any great tips or have gone through this yourself, lemme know!

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  1. I completely understand this pain, as I also had this issue after having the baby. And honestly, it didn't start to alleviate until I stopped breastfeeding (when Birdy was 6 months old). I got it from picking up the baby and from doing the "squeezing" movement I needed to do to get the baby to latch on while breastfeeding.

    I wrote this post:

    which I hope helps you out a little bit. Either way, I feel your pain. FEEL IT. It's a tough one. :(