Tuesday, September 27, 2011

One Touch: Old skool style

The JDRF Walk is coming up, and I'll be walking again as I always am. I was Gchatting about it with my little sister tonight, talking about how awesomely the fundraising is going this year. And, unsurprisingly, we also got to talking about how different my diabetes care is now from when I was diagnosed in 1993 - how exciting all the leaps and bounds in technology and medicine have been, what an improvement from how big the meters used to be, how harpoony the lancets, how craptastic the NPH and Regular... And then she compared my meter with a cell phone. Kids, I STILL HAVE that meter because I am a hoarder. It is waaaay bigger than a cell phone. Behold, in all its plastic-cased gigantic splendor: my early 90s One Touch meter!


Why yes, that is a shark sticker. I was 15.

It makes a nice, satisfying clunk noise when you open it.


  1. It reminds me of the old cell phones that were like talking into a brick.

  2. Holy crap, we have that meter in the bathroom cabinet at my dad's house. I remember that clunky old mess!! (With the gigantic test strips with that weird, cyclops hole in them. ;) )

  3. it needed a "hanging droplet" of blood. which meant "all the blood in your finger." how far we've come!!

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  5. Thats amazing how things have changed with technology!

  6. I so remember that meter, and absolutely LOVED the style of it all!!! I don't believe I've got it in my house, but it's possible it still lives somewhere in my parents' place. I'm so going to see next time I visit there!! Great post!