Friday, June 3, 2011

Rrrrrock the Dexcom, ROCK the Dexcom

The Hoffmandersons bought a new laptop not too long ago, and last night I decided I was way overdue for a download of my Dexcom receiver. Sadly, I decided this at 10:00 pm. I thought it would be a matter of just plugging that bad boy in and letting everything work its magic while I brushed my teeth and got ready for bed - no such luck.

Instead, I needed to download the DM3 software. And then I needed to export all my old patient records from the old laptop - 4 of them, of course, since in their infinite wisdom Dexcom doesn't allow patients to just edit their receiver number and keep all their data in one file...and I'm on receiver #4. And then I needed to import them into my new database. Finally, an hour later, I was ready to go! Dex was plugged in, I clicked my Karen box, and...the transfer was canceled.

Well, this is new, I thought. So I restarted the transfer. It died again. Wash, rinse, repeat. The transfer would go for varying lengths of time and then croak. B - my usual computer wunderkind, my go-to nerd-whisperer - had nothing to offer, other than the dreaded "Maybe it's a compatibility issue with Windows 7." Not what I wanted to hear as it was nearing midnight, and by now I was a mix of screamingly frustrated and incredibly overtired. And, as most PWDs know, these data management programs often look like they're done in crayon, they don't always provide the most elegant methods for data analysis, and we all consider ourselves extremely lucky if we can get them to work on a Mac - all resounding arguments for "Shit. I bet it tanks with the newer operating systems."

So I prepared to go to bed. Shut off all the programs, prepared to close the computer, and thought "Aw, hell. One more try." Lo and behold, it worked! I don't know why it would work, since I've never had such a problem before, but I was grateful I got it to work at all. (See above: as most PWDs know....)

As it was midnight, I didn't get to do my usual fine-tooth comb data ogling. I did, however, do a quick look-see to get an idea of how my past two weeks have been going. Folks, I restarted the program because I didn't think it could possibly be right - per my Dexcom, my BG average is 125 (little higher than I'd like, of course, but that could put me in the running for an A1c of 6.0 next week), more than 60% of my BGs are in my 70-140 target range, and my SD is in the low 40s. While I wish I had a more thorough idea of how my numbers have played out, for a pregnant lady battling third trimester insulin resistance, ever-increasing insulin dosages, and just general body spazzing at every single thing that goes in my mouth I'd say those numbers are not too freakin' shabby...

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  1. I think mine said 142 at my last upload.
    As far as Windows 7, I have had some issues, but try this next time:
    Right click your icon on your desktop, then go to properties, then compatability. Check the box that says "Run this in compatibility mode for:" then choose Windows XP Service Pack 3. Then, check the box at the bottom that says "Run this program as an administrator", and click "OK". Then go back into DM3 to see if it helps. This fixes my issue with diabetes software more often than not. :-)