Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Babies are not just about delivery

Other than finding out an actual date for BabyH's arrival (eek!) and sobbing to the tunes of MJ, B and I have been super busy. Our doc stepped our scans up to two a week now to check amniotic fluid, baby heart rate and movement, and the placenta - all the parts that make up my OB's "thriving" test. Three of these scans in, and oh my goodness am I tired of them already.

Who does this in a doctor's waiting room?!

I've also 

•  Visited the best ophthalmologist in the universe, who said my eyeballs are holding steady and have no bleedy changes. At this point, I will take any good news or compliments people want to give me. You think my hair looks shiny? Say so. Does my maternity top look extra flowy today? Tell me. I look like I deserve a cupcake? Shout it from the rooftops.
•  Filled out incredibly daunting FMLA paperwork. I'm taking vacation prior to delivery to make sure we make it to the 22nd. (Bleeding might be cause to move our c-section up to the 36-week date of July 15th. I'm doing everything in my power to sit on my tush and avoid causing any sort of said bleeding.) As such, my last day in the office is July 13th! Ack! That is in no time at all....
•  Suffered from horribly gnarly edema-related cankles:

•  Had a prenatal appointment with our pediatrician, who I already adore. How can you not love a doc who mentions another T1 family in her practice that wants to breastfeed exclusively to see if that helps with the fears and hopes behind The Thought? Or doesn't think it's crazy to discuss Vitamin D's possible connection to incidents of Type 1? I left feeling happy and reassured...and way too young to be meeting with pediatricians.
•  Enjoyed a baby shower! Nothing like good friends, adorable baby clothes, and delicious chocolate cake to celebrate impending parenthood. I felt loved, and incredibly lucky.

I'm still dreaming about this cake!

It's been an incredibly busy few weeks, and I have a sneaking suspicion life is not going to slow down in the near future. Rest assured, my DOC darlings, I miss you all but am doing my darndest to lurk on Twitter and keep up with all your posts on my Google reader.


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