Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bite me, JerkNurse.

In general, I've been very happy with my MFM OB's office. The people there have been spectacularly nice and, aside from the weird placenta confusion (not that my placenta is confused, which would be weird, but that the details of its position kept getting miscommunicated), I feel comfortable with my care and confident in their competence.

Except for JerkNurse.

For the record, I'm one of those people who - to my detriment, most times - constantly makes excuses for other people's errant behavior. I believe the best of people, and it often means people take advantage of me. For years, B has said I'm a terrible judge of character (truth)...but watch the eff out if I hate someone. If I am able to say bad things without backpedaling, if I have developed a complete irreversible allergy for a person, they will prove to be a craphead. And JerkNurse, ladies and gentlemen, is a craphead.

At my very first prenatal appointment, JN weighed me. I felt weird about it, because all the books told me I'd already gained too much for the first trimester. (My butt also told me this.) So I did some nervous laughy thing when she asked me for my prepregnancy weight and she saw I'd gained 11lbs since then. Direct quote, "You're KIDDING. Did you just eat everything in sight?"

Now, she couldn't possibly have known my history with disordered eating. But this is an OB office, yo. I cannot be the first preggo who's sensitive about the weight gain, amiright? When I said "Well, I've been eating a lot more carbs than usual, and I've been treating a lot of lows" she cut me off with an " you're the one who's been overcompensating."

She hasn't improved, folks. She's a jerk whenever she calls, she's a jerk whenever we see her in the office, and when I called yesterday to see if my anemia results were in she proceeded to ask me - while my chart was presumably sitting right in front of her - if I'd been scheduled for my glucose tolerance test. Crickets chirped, I barely managed to avoid banging my head against my desk, and I said "Ummmm. No. As I'm Type 1 diabetic, I'm quite certain I don't need to take that test."

What's a girl supposed to do with this?! Currently, I just keep telling myself "It's only 9 more weeks, it's only 9 more weeks" but jeez.


  1. Please, please call the office manager at this medical office. They need to know everything you've recalled here - that nurse is not just rude, but dangerous to patients, if she's not paying attention.

    Jerk, indeed!

  2. Also, any doctor's office should be able to handle the request - "I do not want JerkNurse to be assigned to me at any visit". Chances are, they've heard requests like this about her before.

  3. OK, you need to call and complain and repeat in verbatim all the crap that JerkNurse has said to you. I agree with Kim, it's incredibly rude and dangerous, but it's also downright unprofessional!
    I know it's easy to speak up for others and not so easy to speak for ourselves, so if it makes it easier, speak up for your baby.
    You both deserve to be treated with care & respect!!!

  4. Wow, what turkey's ass that lady is!! I really do think you should speak to a manager about it. It might be uncomfortable, but there are a lot of medical professionals really UNprofessional.

  5. I'm a RN, and a PWD, and a fairly nonjudgmental person, but it sounds like JN is, well, a JERK! Karma is a stinker and may she gain 70 lbs with her 6 lb baby whenever she in next pregnant :) I once had a stupid nurse (cousin to JN) at my ob's, who constantly gave out inaccurate info (I'm an OB/NICU RN)and when she gave me an order for the glucose challenge, I actually laughed and told her I would certainly fail! She told me not to have such a negative outlook on things! Oh, I love the stupid nurses of the world!