Monday, February 28, 2011

The proverbial cat...

It's done! That darn cat is out of the bag all over the place - the happy/scary/big news is finally shared with family, friends, DOC, Twitter, Facebook...and the office.

I've been positively dreading telling my supervisor. Not that she's some sort of evil ogre Overseer of Doom or anything, of course. But my job, while not rocket-science, is incredibly deadline-driven and I'm the only one who does it. Taking time off requires nimble planning during lulls in the workload, and I wasn't sure how the whole maternity leave thing would work out. I know someone will end up getting royally screwed in the deal, and I feel incredibly responsible for that. Not to mention the fact that, in publishing, having a baby is often synonymous with taking maternity leave and then giving notice - I wanted to make sure everyone knew I wanted to come back, and that I want to make sure the transition is as easy and smooth as possible.

Weirdly, the actual telling was rather anticlimactic. She clapped and seemed excited for me, said that "we'll work all that other stuff out later!" - apparently, I'm the first pregnant direct report she's ever had so this is all new to her, too. I informed her about upcoming doctor appoinments (had one this morning, one tomorrow, one on the 24th...they're endless!) and said I'd try to come in early and leave late to make up time. Good person that she is, she said not to tax myself and to just do whatever it is I need to do. My brain just kept yelling "This is it?! No judgy looks or sighs or anything?!"

I'm incredibly happy with the way it ended up. (Or is relieved a better word?) I'm looking forward to seeing how the next few months unfold, and hope we figure out something out that eases everyone's mind. Especially mine, because I'm a crazy worry wart.

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