Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kickoff to 2011, or my new LIPs!

I've been seeing a lot of 2010 wrap-ups out there - it's fun to see where everyone's been for the past year, but for yours truly 2010 was a bit of a struggle. I was still new to the pump, began logging and working the BGs in earnest, struggled through classes and working full-time, and slogged through the most craptastic October I can remember. Frankly, I'm thrilled to see the ass end of 2010.

So, in order to make 2011 as amazing as it can be, I've got some life-improvement projects I've been eyeing. Let's not call them "resolutions," though - using words like that with a Type-A perfectionist is a recipe for disaster.

My LIPs for the coming year (oh, how I love a good acronym!):
1) Cook more: The whole diabetic vegetarian thing makes meal-planning a little tricky - balancing my carb and protein intake has never been so complicated! By the end of the year, I want to feel confident cooking at least 20 new veggie meals (beyond my chili, quinoa, and diabetic pasta staples).

We tried this Spinach-Cheese bake recipe for Christmas - DELICIOUS.

2) Join a gym: Clich├ęd? Absolutely. But in the past month, I've seen my daily basal rate increase by more than 10% and that trend just can't be allowed to continue unabated. I'm hoping to keep an iron-fisted grip on my insulin efficacy...and I'm ridiculously, nerdily excited about watching Dex during and after a workout.

3) Read more: My overstuffed bookshelves will thank me. It may be a job hazard, but that doesn't mean it's okay to act like a hoarder.

And these are just two of the five we have....

4) Write more: I don't know that I'm a daily poster (you would all be bored to tears if I wrote that often), but I do need to write more consistently. Hmm. Perhaps following in Holly's footsteps with D365 would be a nice place to start!

5) Karen dates: I am never happier, calmer, or more grounded than when I'm between freelance jobs and not in a deadline crunch at work - and what makes me feel like that? Having the free time to read what I want, bake something for B to bring to work, putter around the house, gab on the phone with my mom or sister, paint my toenails, dust the living room, browse around Target...any one of a million things that seem inconsequential until you find you don't have the time to enjoy them. If I carve out time to spend futzing around and hanging out with myself, it'll pay me back with interest.

I have more LIPs on the back-burner, of course, which I'm sure you'll be hearing all about in excruciating detail. But for now, five seems like a nice solid number to start the year off right....

Welcome, 2011! I'm so very glad to meet you.


  1. Good luck with your LIPs! By the way, I think you are doing amazingly. You have such a great, realistic, attitude and you own your diabetes. 2011 I'm sure has great things in store for you as you continue to beat that monster down!

  2. In the words of the weird guy in the Adam Sandler movies - "YOU CAN DO IT!". (Just imagine the whole DOC shouting that! LOL)

  3. I always feel like I would bore the crap out of everyone if I posted every day, too. But I love reading everything you write!

    Good luck on all of it!