Tuesday, January 4, 2011

D365: Day 4 - gettin' my LIP on.

My first trip to the gym with Dex didn't work out quite the way I'd expected - this is going to take some fancy math skills, I think. Any tips to stabilize BGs for a workout with temp basals, etc? I'd rather avoid a pre-gym snack, since exercising with food in my belly always makes me feel a bit ill.


  1. I like to use the low sugar gatorades or powerades, it gets expensive though going to the gym 4 days per week, 2 bottles per trip. I've been tempted to try a smoothie at the beverage bar but I'm too embarassed to break the carbs down in front of all the fitness fanatics at my gym!

  2. Ugh - pooh. That's not fair. Are you connected with Gary from running with type 1 or Bradford on TuD? They are both athletes so may have more intense routines, but I bet the theory they use can be applied. I think lowering basal 2 hours before hand is commonly used - Caleb's endo recommended that once. It's fine if you know exactly when you're going to be exerting yourself, but does not provide for the spontaneous activity. I know kids who will drink Gatorade throughout a game or practice too, like Diabetic Diet suggests.

    Good luck! You will figure it out!

  3. I set a temp basal an hour before going at -70%. That way when your body is starting to go high, the exercise brings you right back in line. Maybe play with some temp basals 1-2 hrs before going depending on the time you'll be there and the intensity you use. :-)

  4. the only way is by trial and error.
    we are all different. I set a -75 to -80% reduction for an hour and a half before hand. but it depends on the intensity of the workout. i run a LOT higher after the workout so at 30mins before the end of my exercise i turn off the temp then put a new temp of 140% for a few hours. Work with your Temp basal rates and you'll eventually find a way to NOT eat beforehand. I hate that too