Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ho ho ho, etc.

I made these for coworkers last night, to pass out with Christmas cards:

Maybe I should have brought some in to work for me today. Now I want one.

I managed to only eat TWO of them while they were still warm. I'm thinking I deserve a small medal - or a blue ribbon? - for such epic self-restraint.

All's been mostly quiet on the blogging front, I'm afraid. Not a lot going on for me to report to the wider world. (Except cookie baking, of course. Happy to report that.)  Our office closes down for the holiday, so today's my last day of work until 2011. I'll be at #dsma tonight, but probably won't "talk" to most of you until I'm back at the office - B and I are doing a staycation Christmas in Brooklyn! There will be lots of pajamas (my new ones arrived Monday!), lots of cooking (anyone got a good vegetarian recipe for main-course Christmas?!), and hopefully some Grinch-watching.

Hope you and yours have a very merry, and a most wonderful start to the New Year!