Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome, Dexcom the Third

He arrived at noon:

 A third! Do we think this Dexcom needs a monocle or something?

I immediately plugged the him into the wall, shut my door, and put in a new sensor (in my thigh! for the first time!). For the record, kids, if you're using the Dexcom write down your transmitter number someplace. That way, when you have 3 days left on a sensor and you have to replace your receiver, you can just restart the damned thing instead of putting in a new one so you can see what your ID number is. Like I had to do.

Unlike my last go round with Dex Jr. - I'm an old pro at this now! Being on receiver #3 since February will do that to a girl - my new gear came with a new item:

It TOTALLY looks like a pee cup.

I was confused for just a moment, and then I realized they didn't want me to send them urine. They wanted their used sensor back. (Ew.) I had to have B fish that little sucker out of the garbage at home (ew, again), but it shall be sent off to California on Monday.

Let's see if we can get more than a handful of months out of this one, hmm?


  1. Haha - monocle. :)

    I don't get this - if you know your transmitter number you can start a sensor up on a different receiver? Isn't the number on the back of the transmitter? Do you need to write it down?

    I'm sorry for the dumb questions - I'm very intrigued.

  2. Not a dumb question! I bet you could do just that - use 2 different receivers. But what I meant was this: my Dex receiver died when I had a sensor in. I had 4 days left on the sensor. I didn't know my transmitter number (which was in the sensor), so when I got my new receiver I couldn't put the transmitter number in - I couldn't read it, b/c it was clipped in. If I'd had the ID number written down somewhere, I could have just restarted my sensor and only lost a day. Instead I had to start all over....

  3. I am also on my third Dexcom receiver. Let's hope this is it, eh?