Thursday, July 22, 2010

My husband: hilarious sender of flowers and my very favorite T3

I've been struggling with my morning bump lately - it drives me freakin' crazy. This morning was a successful experiment, and our IM conversation from this morning pretty much sums up why he's so awesome to have around:

me: ninety fucking two!! ninety fucking two! i kept it flat! i kept it flat!

B: you are a god damn amazement. 272 points [awarded]!

me: apparently, a good waking BG around 100 + .3 pre-shower bolus + a one hour temp basal of 110% = 92. would have been nice to know this trick 6 months ago....

B: absolutely. though i'll take it now....

....30 minutes later....

me: flat line! flat line! flat line! sorry. i think i'm actually more excited about that than my a1c

B: you and your people are the only ones who are happy when a medical device flat lines :-)

Flat line! Flat line!

1 comment:

  1. LOL! I LOVE IT! We LOOOOVE flat lines, don't we! So glad your experiment worked!!