Wednesday, June 9, 2010

24-hours is a world of difference

This is my Dexcom from the past 24 hours:

It is absolutely NOTHING like the 24 hours prior to that graph - an emergency care visit for our poor blind cat at 1:30 in the morning yesterday yielded a pretty consistent BG around 200. Oh, stress! You make my diabetes so much more exciting to deal with....


  1. That is one rockin graph!

    So do you think the skin provides any protection from puddles or pools (still scarred). :)

  2. Honestly, no. I worry less about setting it on the sink while I shower (since it's mostly closed on the bottom, it seems like it would protect it from moisture it's sat on), but the screen is completely open and so is this little flappy thing for the charger to go through. It wouldn't help with the dunking Caleb and I both did, but it might help with inadvertent splashes?

    I will say that it makes me feel much, much better about dropping the darned thing (which I do seemingly 4,000 times a day)

  3. So how's poor blind kitteh doing?