Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can't win for losing.

I've been really diligent about my logging since April. I have logged every. single. day. since I started down this heinous path. Has it been like pulling teeth? Yes. Do I still hate it? Yes. Have I been doing it anyway? Damn skippy (albeit with gritted teeth and clenched jaw).

And aside from the past five days or so (major food-bender derailment after some bad news last week, where it was more of a "Keep from weeping, the D and perfect BGs can be on the backburner for a little while" than it was "Log! Test! Eat right!"), my work had been paying off with BG averages in the neighborhood of 115. Crazy when all that work actually has an effect, right?

Then my CDE emails me today, saying the Kevin logs I've been sending are great and all, but I need to start using their form. Their horrific Word-doc table that doesn't hold formatting

vs. the glory that is Kevin's log with colors! and graphs! and pie charts! and insulin tracking! and! and! and!

I've been so peacock-proud that I've stuck with the logging these past weeks and now I feel deflated.


  1. Well that's hogwash. It seems like they'd want you to do what works for you.

    For some reason, those old-school style log sheets make me think of elderly people with day-of-the-week pill holders. So depressing. The Kevin Logs manage to make diabetes management fun and modern and exciting. Or as fun and modern and exciting as possible, I guess.

  2. That's a shame. I've gotten into arguments with my endo and her office before over that very issue, as they've wanted me to use specific forms I found too limiting and not useful for me. I refused, and they griped, and I threatened to take my "specialist" co-pays somewhere else and they caved. So, I use my own and they live with it. Since you know, all they do anyhow is print the pages off for the Endo to review before my appointment. I'd never had that issue before starting this one about four years ago, though. Hope they're willing to work with you. Keep it up regardless - don't let their stupid forms derail your health pride! Good job!

  3. That is complete and utter crap in my humble opinion I agree with Michael - if they can't adapt to your tracking means, then go elsewhere. You are the primary user of the information, therefore you should be able to pick how to track it. You should not have to adapt to their preferences when they are using it only for a limited amount of time. Caleb's endo doesn't care one iota what form I bring his data in. They are just thrilled to see it organized and easy to read. They are able to adapt. It's not that hard for crying out loud.

  4. Don't feel deflated. You have done a hell of a lot of work in keeping track of your numbers. If they insist on you using their form, I guess you must but don't lose the sense of accomplishment of what you have already done. We all know how much time & effort it takes to log like that so you should feel proud ... especially if you're seeing it in your bg. Keep up the good work Karen!!

  5. Are you kidding me??? A Word document???? Holy hell, Word is like the worst word processing program ever invented. I nearly tore my hair out trying to do a stupid resume with Word. I think they should take your logs in whatever format you choose do put them in.

    Next time, jot all of your numbers down on a Starbuck's napkin. I bet they'll be begging from a Kevin spreadsheet after that!!!

    PS: Sorry you had such a bad week last week. Sending huge hugs!