Wednesday, April 7, 2010

And the award goes to...

Me, courtesy of my husband:

Am I a basketball player? Do I still do intramural sports? If you're asking those questions, you probably couldn't see my very special trophy inscription:

Most Responsible Diabetic: Karen A. Hoffman

The reason:
  1. Last week I bought my first bottle of Ketostix in, oh, say a decade.  Maybe longer.
  2. After a friendly little shove from @diabetesalic, I finally made an appointment for an orthopedist so I can get my burning, seething shoulder pain checked out.
  3. I tried (hard!) to make an appointment with a cardiologist (who still hasn't returned my call, the rat fink). But I've left 3 messages.
Having done all those things I've been loath to do, I told B I wanted a reward. He said "Yaaaay!" I said no, an actual, physical reward I can hold in my hand.

I'd expected a Reese's peanut butter egg or a batch of colored pens - something silly and stocking-stuffery. Instead, I am now the proud owner of this trophy. My first goal as owner is to try to to figure out what I'm doing on said trophy. Might it be an omen of PT to fix that killer right shoulder of mine? Is that a giant glucose tab I'm holding up? Am I symbolically chucking the D out the window? I'll figure it out. And maybe some representational arts-n-crafts are in order...

As for the little plate? I don't know that "Most Responsible" is accurate, but it's good to shoot for the moon sometimes. And while I'm trying for "most," I'm just hoping for "more."


  1. that, is awesome! what a creative husband you have!

  2. Oh my gosh, that is the coolest award ever!! Good for you for earning it and good for your husband for recognizing your hard work!