Friday, March 19, 2010

My mortal enemy

I woke up at 299 this morning. I knew I was going to wake up near there, of course. I went to bed around 70, but still set a nice square bolus of 3 units to catch the BG Backlash. When Dex woke me at 2:30, I even popped an extra unit in there when I saw that long square wasn't cutting it. But I still failed to wake up in the zone. Why? Chips and freakin' salsa.

Everyone has their Mortal Enemy Food(s). My big MEFs are pizza (not so shocking) and chips & salsa. When I eat these foods, it is a given that I will wake up somewhere in the stratosphere - I have never in my 16 diabetic years gotten it right.

Over the years, I decided to basically break up with pizza. It was a good decision, and I never really miss it. But the salty goodness of tortilla chips? The zesty spiciness of salsa? The satisfying crunch of chip and zing of dip? It's like crack. Or heroin. I need chips & salsa methadone.

I'll explain.

Long ago, I realized pasta was also a MEF. But it wasn't the pasta I loved - it was the sauce. (I blame my mom's delicious, bubbling vat of sauce that would cook all day on Sundays. Mmmm.) So now I do "diabetic pasta" - green beans smothered in a river of pasta sauce. I still get a sauce delivery vehicle, but I don't get the BG Backlash afterward. It works for me, and I've found that replacement foods - stuff that satisfies a yen or a mood, but isn't as complicated as the real thing - are really the smartest way for me to approach MEFs.

What the heck could I use for replacements?

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  1. Us, too. Love homemade garden salsa especially. Unfortunately, the pantry has run dry of canned jars from last summer. So we tried the chips with hummus just this week. My son and I have devoured a family pack of tortilla chips and nearly a pound of roasted garlic hummus. It's good. Maybe too good.

    BTW, not that you would want to try this, but my daughter used to eat green beans with ketchup. Almost the same, but yuck.