Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I have no words.

Except maybe WTF???

A coworker - someone I've been sitting near for just a handful of months, but with whom I have never once discussed the D or anything of that ilk - just sent me this email:

So my general doctor left the city and I need to see a doctor soon. I know you have an array of doctors.

Also, do you have an ear, eye nose, throat doctor? I think I have a sinus infection.

Thank you,

I have no idea where to begin. Obviously, she has been listening in on phone calls/appointments I've been making. I'm not shy about diabetes and my pump is readily visible, but I do not discuss doctors or my meetings with them with anyone outside of our little diabetic community or my close friends and family. And wth is up with the word choice? "Array of doctors" - like they're some cute, rainbow collection of shoes I have because they're just so irresistible? Or the fact that, because I have to deal with doctors and my health so much, clearly I would also have an ENT - I mean, someone as diseased as I am must have visited every specialist known to mankind at least once, right?

I'm sure I'm overreacting (maybe it's the crap weather?), but at the moment I'm just agog.

Goal for today: more cheerful post later!


  1. Well I'm not 100% surprised - I've had people email me about doctors before who I don't even sit near. If she knows you have diabetes and can hear that you make appointments, she probably feels like you are a reliable resource for doctors in the city. Good doctors are very hard to come by, and while it's a little odd, it probably just shows that she knows you have health problems (which she clearly knows about in some manner) and is reaching out for your help.

    As for the E/N/T doctor, well, that's clearly just an assumption she made. She's not like "Who's your ENT doctor?" she just asked if you had one.

    Of course, there's a good chance I would have been WTF too but I'm coming from a more objective POV.

  2. I think my favorite part about the whole thing is that she did it via email. There was no pretense of bringing it up in a one-on-one conversation, no personal connection for assistance, just an email which basically stated: hey, you're obviously a medical mess - help me find a doctor. Thanks.

  3. No, you are absolutely not over-reacting!! That email is rude, especially since she isn't a friend, just a random co-worker. Now I think I need a doctor recommendation, because she just made me sick!!

  4. Give her the name of a locak proctologist and tell her he's an ear nose throat.