Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Riding the curl

For some reason, when my Dex shows a little loopy, snakey swirl around my bottom BG bar I think of surfing - specifically, riding the curl.

(Can you see it? That leftish Dex hump is the breaking curl, the rightish dip is the wave moving to the side, ready to starting flipping and foaming. If I were a surfer, I'd be right between the two, tucked in a giant tube of water.)

It's actually a pretty apt mental image...even if the closest I've ever come to surfing isteh distinction of having been born in California. Lots of balance is required when riding that curl - it takes work to stay up and ride it, to not crash. All these outside forces (wind, water) are beyond your control, and you just have to hope you properly waxed your board and have the physical chops and sly foxiness to pull it off.

At the very least, it makes me think of summer and the beach and that's not too shabby.

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