Thursday, September 24, 2009

On the road again


This canary will be fleeing her horrific coal mine before she dies of the black lung. Huzzah. The new gig? Back to books, kids.

Da books! I am happy to go back to them.

I'm nervous about The Epic Return, but also ridiculously excited. I've been out of the industry for nearly two years, and Me now is vastly different from Me then - I was beyond burned out, couldn't bear to read books, and got a stomachache whenever I considered another publishing job. I've recovered somewhat... not to mention having acquired intimate knowledge of what a bad job REALLY is.

So I'm going into this with a sunny disposition - I won't be editing this time. No author hand-holding! No heartbreaking failures to acquire! No abysmal sales responsibilities! No awkward, blind-date agent lunches! Just free books, reading about books, talking about books, living and breathing know, what I already do anyways.

I am hoping that's the key to successful book employment.