Monday, August 24, 2009

Endo? Bueller?

I've been seeing the new Doc since last month - not a heckuva lot of time, and there've been a LOT of changes (revamped Lantus and correction doses, to name a few). So it seemed like she was gung ho on the TBP and I was thrilled...

But ever since I mentioned The Great Pump Experiment, I've not heard a peep from her. And I email her weekly with my logs. I hear from my CDE, which is a relief - otherwise, I'd figure my emails were just vanishing into the ether. All I can imagine is that she figures "Do what you want for now, since it doesn't really matter. We'll need to start all over again on the 8th, anyway." Which makes sense, I suppose, but it would be nice if I'd been told that was the plan.

The radio silence is especially aggravating in light of the fact that my hair is STILL shedding (even more now, I think) and I'd love to find out the results of my thyroid test.

I'm happier with my care at the Center than I have been in a long time, even with the 200+ block commute. And I think I'll remain that way. But it's still hugely disappointing to realize that doctors all over the world consistently treat patients the same way - like little kids to be guided by the hand, rather than adults who are fully active and in control of their health management.

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