Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why I hate my job

The Temp Head Honcho has been stealing my diet Pepsis from the community fridge for a while now. I knew she was and wasn't going to gripe, until the Interns joined the pilfering. So I put a "Help yourself, just give me money" note on the soda case in the fridge.

Temp Head Honcho (THH) just came to my desk -- with a diet Pepsi in her hand --and told me she'd asked a coworker to buy a new case of soda from Costco. The conversation:
THH: Does it need to be any soda in particular?

me: Yes. Diet Pepsi.

THH:  Pepsi One?

me: Diet Pepsi. Like the one you're holding.

THH:  What about Coke?

me: Diet Pepsi. I buy diet Pepsi.

THH: Well, I guess I can text K and tell her to get diet Pepsi. But if they don't have it, what about Coke?

Good. Grief. I have to get a new job. If only Penguin hadn't gone with the other candidate...

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