Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm never eating out again.

Seriously. McBrooklyn delights readers with a guessing game of local health violations. Yay Grimaldi's! Yay Cobble Hill Cinemas!

Bklyn on the cheap

Free ferries: Always fun when you can drink on them. 
Brooklyn Botanic Garden's free hours: Saturdays 10:00am - Noon.
Greenwood Cemetery: Drive or walk in (be prepared for a strenuous hilly walk). Get a map and look for notable New Yorkers final resting places. Sit by one of the 'lakes' surrounded by gorgeous mausoleums eating pre-packed Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches. Admission: free. Sandwiches: Cost of Jiffy, Smuckers and Wonder Bread.
Cobble Hill Cinemas: $6.50 nights at Cobble Hill Cinema, Tues & Thurs.
Transit Museum: $5 admission all the time.
Lefferts House: Free. Lots of activities for kids.
Brooklyn Museum: Suggested admission $8 (suggested means, pay what you want. If a buck is all you have, you will not be denied).
Fairway: Walk in and have a tea or coffee and sit by the water.

Thanks, Brownstoner.

It's good to be a chick. Ha.

Thank you, NefariousNewt. A voice of reason amongst the retards:

Having at one time sold insurance, I knew McCain's plan was junk. You can hand out all the incentives you like, but as you get older, the price goes up automatically, and faster for women than men. Heaven forbid you have a preexisting condition -- if you can get insurance at all, your premiums will eat up McCain's $5000 as an appetizer.

Insurance is not democratic.

McCain supporters should all be smited with chronic conditions or cancer until they understand the problem with his stupid insurance plan. (Um. And not be allowed to marry beer heiresses who can afford treatment for said smiting.)

Ah, Vegas. We love you so.

“We are the only state in the nation where you’ll hear, ‘Wet mop at Voting Booth 4,’ ” said Bob Walsh, a spokesman for the Nevada secretary of state:

Snuff cosmetics

So many levels of disturbing, I don't know where to begin: Wode, an "art fragrance" by Boudicca. 

From the creepy slasher victim photos, I imagine you're supposed to get your jollies from splashing this disappearing "paint" perfume all over yourself. That, or you're intended to embrace your inner Boadicea. More corpse pics and fun "it's not gross, it's art!" language here.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm an addict AND a rockstar

I don't want to be all obsessive with the disease thing, but with the Walk coming up this Sunday (and with the endocrinologist search gearing up)...well, it's kind of unavoidable.

So! With that in mind, how kick ass is this freakin' t-shirt? DiabeticRockstar is a site designed to fight diabetes stereotypes -perhaps that "How come you're not fat?" thing that drives me SO crazy. Even better? The founder also launched Fight-It, an advocacy group that, among other things, tries to fill in some gaps in the diabetes world, and help out the little guy who can't afford meds. Fabulous.